You Shape UCL


How New to UCL 2022 can benefit you

28 November 2022

New students at all levels of study can give their confidential feedback on the experience of joining UCL via the online survey until 11 December


New to UCL (log-in required) is our annual survey for new students at all levels of study (undergraduate, postgraduate and research), including those studying via affiliates.  

The online questionnaire lets you have your say on your reasons for choosing UCL, the information you received in the welcome period, and the support available to you as a UCL student.  

All your responses and open text comments will be carefully anonymised. 

You can complete the survey here (log in required) https://qualtrics.ucl.ac.uk/jfe/form/SV_eS9W8h7c0zCPqTk

Your feedback drives changes

UCL is committed to working in partnership with students to develop education and the student experience, and your responses in student surveys are a valuable source of feedback.  

Survey results and anonymised comments are reviewed by senior staff at influential meetings such as Departmental Teaching Committees and the Student Experience Committee (StEC). 

Students’ feedback through surveys including New to UCL has already inspired several significant improvements across UCL. The most notable changes in recent years include: 

  • The introduction of Student Advisers – The 39 Student Advisers offer dedicated pastoral and educational support across UCL’s faculties. 
  • The launch of the UCL Student Support Framework – This comprehensive framework includes simplified Extenuating Circumstances processes, along with Academic Adjustments for students who are parents or carers.
  • Greater online learning resources – UCL has invested in over 270,000 new e-books and other types of digital resources, as well as securing access to 30 new databases. 

You can find more examples of changes inspired by student feedback on the You Shaped UCL webpages.

You could win £500 in our prize draw

Students who participate in New to UCL 2022 (log-in required) will be entered into a prize draw with a top prize of £500 for one lucky student. Another 50 students will receive £10 Love2shop vouchers as runners-up. 

You can find an interview with last year’s top prize winner on the UCL website. 

How to complete the survey 

Eligible students will have been contacted via email with an invitation to take part in New to UCL 2022, which takes around 15 minutes to complete.  

You can also complete the survey via single sign-on.

Results from New to UCL 2022 will be released in January 2023.