International Masters in Economy, State & Society

Europe in a global perspective
An intellectually stimulating Masters programme that combined academic rigor, international immersion, and a varied programme of study… grounded in practical and empirical study... I would recommend it to anyone with a passion for Central and Eastern Europe


The IMESS Programme

IMESS is a uniquely rich double degree Masters programme offering you the chance to study the economies, states and societies of Central and Eastern Europe over a two-year period across a consortium of powerful European universities coordinated by UCL – one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary universities.

The links below offer you a concise introduction to the important features of the degree and you can discover more about the detailed programme structure and about the 8 consortium partners and their role in IMESS.

Why do IMESS?
How to apply
Summary of Programme
The Languages of Eastern Europe
More about year 1 of the programme
More about Year 2 of the programme