International Masters in Economy, State & Society

Europe in a global perspective
An intellectually stimulating Masters programme that combined academic rigor, international immersion, and a varied programme of study… grounded in practical and empirical study... I would recommend it to anyone with a passion for Central and Eastern Europe



If you can’t find the answer on our website or in the list below please contact the IMESS programme administrator (imess@ssees.ucl.ac.uk). ALWAYS include the student application number in your correspondence to the IMESS administrator or UCL central admissions office.

The IMESS Programme

What is the language of instruction?
I already speak an IMESS language (Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian), can I still apply? 

What degree will I be awarded upon graduation?
What is a double degree?
What are my course options?
Can I defer my offer of a place for one year if I cannot enrol in September?
Is there an age limit for the programme?

Scholarships and Fees

What is an IMESS Scholarship?
What proportion of my total costs will the IMESS Scholarship cover?
What are the living costs in the host cities?
Does the consortium provide accommodation?
I have dual EU/International citizenship. Am I still eligible to apply for IMESS Scholarship (Category A)?
How much are the fees in each year?
How do I pay fees?
Can I apply for the scholarship in my second year of study if I have not been awarded the scholarship for my first year of study?
How many scholarships are available this year?

The Application Process

How many applications do you receive? How many places are awarded?
I won’t graduate until after the application deadline – can I still apply?
My English language test and/or the results won’t be available until after the submission deadline – can I still apply?
Where can I find out more about the English language requirements?
Do I have to sit a IELTS test if I already have a qualification in English Language or my language of instruction has been in English?
What is the name of the department to which I am applying?
Do I have to apply to UCL and the second year university?
How do I submit my references when I apply online?
How do I submit my additional documents when I apply online?
What will happen if my references are provided after the deadline?
I cannot upload some of the documents for my online application.
What type of visa will I need?
Do I need an English language qualification even though I completed a degree taught in English?

After Application

I have applied to IMESS already – when will I hear the results of my application? Will I receive an acknowledgement of receipt?
When and how will I hear the results of my application?
I have received an offer from UCL which I am asked to decline or accept. However, I need to know the outcome of my scholarship application before I can make a decision. What should I do?