Work at UCL


Dr Rochelle Rowe

Academic Development Lead, Organisational Development

What is your role and what does it involve?

I am Academic Development Lead in Organisational Development. My aim is to develop and maintain a deep understanding of the development needs of our entire academic community, and to help to create effective and innovative learning and development support for them.

How long have you been at UCL? 

I’ve been at UCL a little over 2 years. I began as manager of the Doctoral Skills Development Programme, which is a large-scale, comprehensive professional development programme for postgraduate research students, supporting researchers with skills workshops and learning experiences to complete their research degrees and explore career possibilities.

What attracted you to UCL?

I was attracted to UCL by its imposing reputation: both the prestige and the diversity of its very large and very brilliant community.

What working achievement or initiative at UCL (or in previous work experiences) are you most proud of? 

I think to date at UCL I’m most proud of the Researcher-led Initiatives I piloted last year. We had some truly excellent learning activities arise from of the call for applications, created and managed by research students. We’ve learned a lot through the pilot and plan to fine-tune and extend opportunities more widely this year.

Describe UCL in three words.

Bold, pioneering, radical.

What is the best aspect about working at UCL?

The wide opportunities and open culture.

What does it feel like to be part of the UCL community?  

As though you are part of something important and meaningful! An opportunity to influence change and support excellent people.