EGA Institute for Women's Health


Understanding Research in Women's Health




Brief summary 

This module aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make sense of women’s health care research and innovations in practice as complex social and scientific processes rooted in evidenced based health care. It will equip students with the skills needed to retrieve and critically appraise published research in women's health.

UCL Credits


Module organisers 

  • Dr Anne Lanceley
  • Dr Jackie Nicholls


  • Overview and challenges of researching women’s health
  • What is health research? What is innovation and why does it matter for women’s health?
  • Scope the main fields of research in women’s health and identify gaps and priorities for evidence
  • Assess the quality of published research 
  • Critically appraise published research 
  • Consider how to get evidence into practice

Teaching and learning methods

The module will be delivered on a strongly interactive basis combining lectures, tutorials, e-learning and a range of peer and tutor-led research case-based discussions. Emphasis will be on connecting theory to practice across a diversity of women’s healthcare research challenges.


A review of published research on a topic of women's health (3,000 words)

Selected reading list

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