EGA Institute for Women's Health


Research Project and Dissertation

Module code: IFWH0022
Credit value: 60 credits

Core module for: MSc Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine and MSc Reproductive Science and Women’s Health

Module aims

  • To analyse information in a specialised field
  • To design and carry out novel research
  • To learn how to work as a team member and in an individual basis
  • To analyse (including statistically) the results obtained from the project
  • To write a dissertation

We encourage all students to think of their own research project, but a list of possible projects will be given.  The research projects will be discussed and agreed during  the Autumn Term. During the Spring Term all students must prepare a seminar and a 2,000 word essay to introduce their project, the methods to be used and aims. For full time students, the research project takes place full time between June and September.

To get a sense of the kinds of projects our MSc students undertake, see our page of previous MSc project titles.


  • Introduction:  in term 2 students submit a 2000 word introduction to their project and an oral presentation.  Feedback is given immediately.
  • Final presentation:  the day the project is submitted, students present an oral presentation summarizing their projects.  Feedback is given immediately.
  • 10,000 word dissertation:  supervisor reads drafts and gives feedback before submission.

List of Previous MSc projects - Download