EGA Institute for Women's Health


Reproductive Health

Module code: IFWHG007
Credit value
: 15
Module leads
Dr Paul Hardiman
Professor Judith Stephenson

Core module for: MSc Reproductive Science and Women's Health

Module aims

The aims of this module are to provide knowledge into all aspects of reproductive health including infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, fertility in fertility in low and middle income countries and ethical issues, normal puberty and pubertal disorders, congenital anomalies of the female reproductive tract, paediatric gynaecology, reproductive disorders in the adolescent.  The module is taught by leaders in the field of reproductive health.

Module topics

Topics covered include the fallopian tube, premature ovarian failure, patholology of female reproductive disorders, HIV, hormone replacement therapy, PCOS, amenorrhea, hirsutism and anovulation, reproductive imaging, hypothalamic/pituitary disorders, male and female sub-fertility (surgical aspects), adolescent gynecology, fertility preservation, psychological impact of infertility, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, recurrent miscarriage, and reproductive issues in fertility in low and middle income countries.


Summative assessment

  • 2 hour unseen summative exam: this assessment allows students to demonstrate the extent to which they have met the stated learning outcomes of the module.e.

Formative assessment

  • Mock Research Ethics Committee: this session is run as an actual ethics committee, requiring students to review and consider the ethical issues of an application.

Learning Activities

  • Discussion Group: students discuss the dangers and benefits of hormone replacement therapy. The aim of the assessment is to stimulate a critical assessment of the evidence underlying an important clinical topic as well as a forum to use this evidence to challenge conventional ways of thinking.
  • Discussion Group: students discuss international reproductive health issues. The aim is to appreciate cultural issues in this area.