EGA Institute for Women's Health



Our projects have informed policy, practice and methodology at international and national level, including:


  • European and NICE Guidance on Chlamydia screening
  • Public Health England's Making the Case for Preconception Care
  • UK Government Alcohol Strategy
  • RCOG Abortion Guidelines
  • Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in England
  • CONSORT Statement on trials of non-pharmacological interventions.


The RCOG report on the future of women’s health services (“High Quality Women’s Health Care: a proposal for change, July 2011) draws fundamentally and directly on a concept paper that arose out of an IfWH annual meeting: “A Life course Perspective on Women’s Health and its implications for Health Service Delivery” RCOG, August 2011.


Chlamydia Screening – influencing NICE Guidelines

Research by Professor Judith Stephenson and colleagues at the UCL Institute of Women’s Health into the effectiveness of chlamydia screening has led to guidance to health policy makers in the EU about national strategies for chlamydia control, and has influenced NICE guidelines on the subject. In particular, our work has informed debate on the value for money of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP). Stephenson advised the National Audit Office on this topic, and a resulting report led to the NCSP focusing on chlamydia testing in sexual health services and primary care rather than screening in low risk groups. These changes are expected to make considerable cost savings to the NHS.