EGA Institute for Women's Health


Reproductive Science and Society Group

The Reproductive Science and Society Group explores people’s knowledge, attitudes, and experiences around the reproductive life-cycle, from puberty to the menopause. Our members come from multiple disciplines (including reproductive science, developmental psychology, sociology and ethico-legal studies) and use a range of methods, including qualitative interviews, mixed-methods surveys, and large-scale data analysis.

The key areas of research we engage with are:

  • Reproductive Health and Fertility Education
  • Fertility Journeys and Experiences
  • Families formed through Assisted Reproduction
  • Consent, Choice and Decision-Making

We welcome enquiries from PhD students who are interested in pursuing research in these areas.

We collaborate with partners across regulation, NGOs and industry, including the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, Donor Conception Network, Natural Cycles, and Cryos.

We have a great interest in public engagement, including media commentary and outreach events.