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Preclinical Neuroprotection

Preclinical Neonatal Neuroprotection

We are a group of neonatologists, magnetic resonance physicists, neuroscientists and basic scientists working towards the common goal of optimising neuroprotection of the term infant using a pre-clinical model of perinatal asphyxia.  Our team is also focused on developing and validating magnetic resonance, EEG and NIRS biomarkers which can be used interchangeably in clinical studies. 

Neonatal Neuroprotection Group








The Group had its origins in the mid 1990s when, following the first acquisition of a phosphorus-31 spectrum from a preterm infant, Prof Reynolds (FRS) wished to study brain energy metabolism in a pre-clinical model. These experimental studies in the mid-1990s formed the scientific underpinnings for the translation of hypothermic neuroprotection from experimental studies to term neonatal encephalopathy.

Professor Nicola Robertson joined UCL in 2003 to lead the pre-clinical Neonatal Neuroprotection and Neuroscience Group. The group has grown considerably and has international recognition with its unique asphyxia model and biomarker studies. The large multidisciplinary team is located at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square. 


  • Professor Xavier Golay (Physics Lead)
  • Dr Alan Bainbridge
  • Dr Mohamed Tachrout
  • Dr Bhavana Solanky
  • Dr David Price
  • Miss Magda Sokolowska


  • Dr Jane Hassell
  • Dr Marion Bohatschek


  • Dr Daniel Alonso Alconada
  • Dr Eridan Rocha Ferreira

Lab Technicians

  • Mr Adnan Avdic-Belltheus
  • Mr Christopher Meehan
  • Miss Sara Ragab

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