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Global Neonatal Health

Global Neonatal Health

Sub Saharan Africa studies

Intrapartum-related neonatal deaths are the 5th most common cause of deaths among children under 5. WHO estimates are of 814,000 neonatal deaths. In additionthere is a significant burden of morbidity (estimated at 42 million DALYS)


  • To understand risk factors associated with neonatal encephalopathy in a sub Saharan Africa hospital setting and to work with local doctors and health ministers to reduce death and adverse outcomes.
  • In infants born preterm, to work with local teams to improve outcomes by introducing a package of basic neonatal care such as thermal care, kangaroo care, infection control, CPAP


Prof Nicola Robertson
Prof Anthony Costello
Dr Cally Tann
Dr Kathy Burgoine
Dr Jane Hassell 

Examples of current projects

  • Cally Tann
    The ABAaNA study (‘Associations between Birth Asphyxia and infection amongst Newborns in Africa: perinatal risk factors for neonatal  encephalopathy in Uganda’) is an unmatched case control study led by Dr Cally Tann, with the main aim of understanding the causal chain of pre-disposing factors, exposures and events, and specifically the role of common perinatal infections, in the development of NE.

Other on-going studies

  • Jane Hassell
    Aetiology of Cerebral Palsy in a Child Neurology clinic in Uganda.
  • Kathy BurgoineAn audit of preterm infants at a hospital setting in  Uganda: their delivery, gestation and postnatal outcome.


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