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Report of EGA IfWH 'Extraordinary' Conference 2020

Welcome to the EGA IfWH 'Extraordinary Conference'  Report page.


The EGA Institute for Women’s Health ’Extraordinary’ Conference 2020 was a showcase of high-quality research undertaken by UCL Institute for Women's Health that took take place on 04 December 2020 with over 200 delegates attending.

This year the format included oral presentations from IfWH/UCLH Researchers presenting their work, and undergoing a Q&A session. Presentations were judged by our panel, and prizes awarded for the overall best performances.

In addition to this, as like every year, we had our poster presentations and prizes, again run remotely, as well as highlights from our Institute staff of the high profile research that has been undertaken.

Furthermore, we hosted a Debate titled "Should the NHS Support Social Fertility Preservation?" and two Key Note Lectures from externally invited speakers of clinical and academic backgrounds.

Recordings and pictures of the event can be found below.

Please click below for the full abstract booklet and programme:

Keynote Speakers: Recordings

Dr Eleni Nastouli - Virologist at UCLH/UCLCovid-19 and Women's Health
Professor Sarah Hawkes - Director of the Centre for Gender and Global HealthGender Equality & the relationship to Health


Invited & External Speakers: Recordings

Update on Fundraising Programme for EGA IfWH

Presenters:  Sarah Medd Phillips & Simona Santonjanni, Office of The Vice Provost Advancement, UCL     

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SESSION 1:  Moving research findings into clinical impact  -Chairs: Professor Judith Stephenson & Dr Annette Thwaites                                                                             

How midwifery research has influenced national maternity policy – Meg Wilkinson, Consultant Midwife, Maternity Department, UCLH

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PCOS – Transgenerational effects – Associate Professor Paul Hardiman, Dept. Reproductive Health, UCL IfWHClick here
Gender Dysphoria in Children – Professor Gary Butler, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist, UCLHClick here

SESSION 2:  DEBATE  - Chair: Associate Professor Jenny Hall 

Should the NHS Support Social Fertility Preservation?

Speaker FOR the motionMr Stuart Lavery, Consultant in Gynaecology, Reproductive, Medicine and Surgery, UCLH                 

Speaker AGAINST the motion: Dr Zeynep Gurtin, Clinical Director, Women’s Health Division,    Lecturer in Women’s Health, EGA IfWH

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Breakout room 1  - Maternal & Fetal Medicine & Neonatology              

Chairs:  Associate Professor Dimitrios Siassakos & Dr Shireen Jaufuraully                                                                                            

1.  Caesarean section scar location and risk of subsequent preterm birth following full dilatation caesarean section (Dr Amrita Banerjee, Maternal & Fetal Medicine)

2.  Ascending vaginal bacterial infection with bioluminescent E. coli induces perinatal neuroinflammation in mice  (Dr Ashley Boyle, Maternal & Fetal Medicine)

3.  Simulation of in-utero operation using virtual reality enhanced 4D ultrasound and 3D MRI (Dr Jing Deng, Maternal & Fetal Medicine)

4.  Prognostic value of EEG following therapeutic hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (Dr Kimberley Whitehead, Neonatology)

5.  Comparative survival analyses of births between 22 and 26 weeks of gestation in the EXPRESS, EPICURE-2 AND EPIPAGE-2 Cohorts (Dr Andrei Morgan, Neonatology)

Breakout room 2  - Women’s Cancer & Reproductive Health                 

Chair:  Professor Martin Widschwendter

1.  Conservatively managed endometrial cancer: a single centre experience (Dr Radha Graham, Women’s Cancer)

2Investigation and Analysis of Participant Withdrawal from the Avoiding Late Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer (ALDO) Project  (Rimsha Khan, Women’s Cancer)

3.  Parenclitic Networks Predict Survival for Severely Ill Covid-19 Patients (Grade WHO = 7) Weeks Before Outcome with Extremely High Predictive Power (Tatiana Nazarenko, Women’s Cancer)

4.  Simple and complex aneuploidy in premeiotic oocytes detected by aCGH & NGS : evidence for genetic influence and effect on fertility  (Harita Ghevaria, Reproductive Health)

5.  Organisation of EPAUs and its impact on clinical, service and patient-centred outcomes (VESPA study)(Dr Maria Memtsa, Reproductive Health)



UCLH/IfWH Hot Topic Speakers: Recordings

Dr. Subhabratra Mitra - Dept. of Neonatology         

NIRS in Neonatology

Dr. Pascale Guillot  - Dept. of Maternal & Fetal Medicine 

The Future of induced pluripotent stem cells

Associate Professor. Jens Madsen - Dept. of Neonatology 

Surfactant Protein D and Airway Viruses - to Bind or not to Bind?

Dr. Mariya Hristova- Dept. of Maternal & Fetal Medicine   

Stem cells: new perspectives for treatment of neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic brain damage

Picture of hot topic speakers

Prize Categories & Winners

Oral Presentations - Winners 

Oral Presentations - Prize CategoryWinnerTitle
Oral - Session 1 - First PrizeDr. Andrei MorganComparative survival analyses of births between 22 and 26 weeks of gestation in the EXPRESS, EPICURE-2 AND EPIPAGE-2 Cohorts.
Oral - Session 1 - Runner upDr. Ashley BoyleAscending vaginal bacterial infection with bioluminiscent E.coli induces perinatal neuroinflammation in mice.
Oral - Session 2 - First PrizeMaria MemtsaOrganisation of EPAUs and its impact on clinical, service and patient-centered outcomes (VESPA study).
Oral - Session 2 - Runner upTatiana NazarenkoParenclitic Networks Predict Survival for Severely ill Covid-19 Patients (Grade WHO = 7) Weeks Before Outcome with Extremely High Predictive Power.

Poster Presentations  - Winners 

You can view all submitted poster abstracts by visiting the Poster Abstracts viewing page.  

Poster Presentations - Prize CategoryPhotoWinnerTitle
Best Medical Student
Clodagh KellyWomen’s experiences of the induction of labour consent process: A qualitative study.
Best MSc, PhD or MD
William Dooley
William DooleyThe predictive value of the presence of an amniotic sac without a visible embryonic heartbeat in the diagnosis of early embryonic demise.
Best Clinician or Researcher
Chloe Shaw
Chloe ShawWhat it is to be a neonatal nurse during the Covid 19 Global Pandemic: A thematic analysis of personal reflections.
Best Overall
Kelly Harvey Jones
Kelly Harvey-JonesMonitoring cerebral metabolism and perfusion in neonatal encephalopathy.


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