EGA Institute for Women's Health


International Women's Day 2017

Highlights from the week include UCL Lunch Hour Lecture "Cooling babies to protect the brain" by Professor Nikki Robertson, theatre play “I told my mum I was going on an RE Trip”, a workshop exploring gender equality through sculpture, film screening and Q&A "Fertility and Me" and an exhibit "Everyday Sexism on Campus".

Event's report
Programme (PDF)

Lunch Hour Lecture: Cooling babies to protect the brain

IWD Prof Nicola Robertson

IWD Prof Nicola Robertson

Theatre “I told my mum I was going on an RE Trip”

IWD RE trip photo collage

Art: Exploring Gender Equality through Sculpture

IWD Sculpture workshop collage

Film Screening and Q&A: Fertility and Me

IWD Fertility and me film screening

Exhibit: Everyday Sexism on Campus

Everyday Sexism on Campus