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Scanning electron micrograph of the dendrites of a cerebellar Purkinje cell - Hausser Lab


MEDC0081 Module 7: Target selection – scientific ground

Module Structure: (15 credits each) • Lectures and Tutorials • Assessment: 50% coursework, 50% unseen examination.

Module Title

Module 7: Target selection – scientific ground

Module CodeMEDC0081
Module LeaderDr Edith Chan
Short description

In depth learning on some major pharmaceutical therapeutic and their protein targets. The druggable genome will be discussed.

Module aims

  • How to evaluate target druggability
  • Cancer targets
  • Pain targets
  • Epigenetics
  • Case study – target validation in GSK

List of Lectures and Tutorials

  • Druggability – druggable genome
  • Cancer targets
  • New Pain drugs
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Target validation and identification of big Pharma
  • Epigenetics, the impact of medicine
  • Learn to use online database to access druggability
Module assessment 50% course work + 50% unseen 1 hour exam