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Commuter students: practical advice and travel information

We have worked with some current UCL commuter students to compile practical advice and travel information.

Travel advice

There are several tube stations and bus stops close to the main UCL campus. You can find out the best stop for you on this webpage. It’s also worth downloading travel apps that can help you plan your journey, Citymapper, UK Bus checker and Trainline are all useful and free to download. 

Travelling to UCL on a bicycle is also an option, and you can find out about where is best to store your bike on this webpage. If you wish to rent a bike to complete part or all of your journey, you can find out about all your options here.

Using commuting time effectively

Our current commuter students suggested using commuting time effectively to aid further study. Making to-do-lists for the day or week, doing compulsory reading, proof-reading work, revising and making flash cards were all suggested as a great way to make the most of your travelling time.

How to access the UCL desktop from home

Desktop@UCL Anywhere is a service that allows remote access to UCL resources for staff and students. All you need is a valid UCL user ID and password, an internet connection and supported web browser. This means that you don’t need to carry your laptop to and from university, you can simply log in and use a computer on campus, and then use your laptop at home, and therefore, you won’t need to carry it on your journey to and from university.

Facilities info including, a map/where microwave provision is/multi - faith prayer rooms/water fountains and lockers

Finding your way around campus is important. You should download the UCL app, which will help you find a campus map, find microwaves to heat your lunch and will also have information about water fountains, lockers and multi-faith prayer rooms.