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Commuter students: hints and tips

We have worked with some current UCL commuter students to compile some hints and tips. 

Wellbeing support

UCL has a team of expert advisers who provide a safe, confidential space where students can talk about any issues which might be affecting their ability to study. The team offers advice and support on wellbeing and disability issues as well as short-term counselling and therapy to help students with personal and emotional problems.

The service is always available to you, throughout your time at UCL, from the first day you arrive at UCL, until your very last day with us. Further details on this can be found on UCL's website

UCL students can also access confidential emotional support, advice and information through the UCL 24/7 Student Support Line.

Time management

Commuting to university is time consuming and can be tiring. It’s ok to feel busy, and to make sure you take time for yourself throughout the week. It’s also worth trying to think about effectively managing your time, perhaps planning your week ahead, or making task lists of things you hope to achieve that week.

Do try and carve out sometime, perhaps utilising your commuting time, for yourself and to focus on unwinding after a busy day or long week.  Listening to music, practicing mindfulness or catching up on your favourite TV shows or podcasts are a good way of practicing self-care. Lots of mindfulness resources are free and widely available, and there’s lots of information on the NHS website. One of the most popular mindfulness apps Headspace, has a student offer available on their webpage.

It’s also worth planning ahead and allowing a little extra time in your journey so that you are not rushing about. Delays on public transport can be commonplace so do also make sure you research your route and the transport options in advance, and try to have a backup journey in case of delays.

To make your journey more comfortable, you may want to bring a reusable water bottle or drink and depending on the length of your route, snacks for your journey may also be necessary!