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Commuter students

At UCL, over a quarter of our students commute into university from their family, guardian’s or own homes. Together with our commuter students, we’ve co-developed a UCL-specific definition, to help create an understanding of their circumstances and also provide a sense of community:

Commuter students is the term for the group of students who reside in private or in their parental/guardian’s home and commute into UCL from zone 3 of London and/or whose journey takes in excess of 45 minutes.

There are lots of benefits to living at home whilst you study, and although many may think that choosing not to live in student accommodation or with course or university friends is not a common choice, at UCL we have a growing number of commuter students.

One of the benefits of commuting into university that many students find is that they are able to save money, as it is less expensive than living with peers, especially in central London! Also, having a knowledge of living in London or the South East could be really beneficial and may come in handy when showing new university friends around your local area or applying for work experience or internships alongside your studies. You may also find that balancing your home life and university life is easier with the support of your family, partner or guardian’s close by.

However, commuting may also come with certain challenges; travelling is time consuming and can be exhausting and you may also feel like you’re missing out on the full university experience. Whilst it’s important to be aware of this and to realise that you’re not alone – there are a lot of commuters at UCL - it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great experience whilst you are here.

To find out about the support, events and some hints and tips for commuting we have worked with our current commuter students to compile lots of information for you.  

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Visit our blog

Visit our blog

To find out more about the experiences of current commuter students at UCL. 

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