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Year 12 Non-Residential Summer School

Every year, UCL runs a number of Non-Residential Summer Schools for Year 12 students attending state schools. They aim to give students a taste of university life and the degree programmes we offer. 

Non-Residential Summer Schools 2020

Applications are now open until Tuesday, 3rd March 2020. To register for this programme, please fill in our application form

Non-Residential Summer Schools are a great way to experience university life and study a subject in more depth without having to stay on campus each night. They usually run from Monday to Friday, and usually from 10am - 4pm (this may vary across different subjects)

UCL will be running the following subjects as Non-Residential Summer Schools in July and August 2020. Please check each description for specific dates:


Application Information 

  • For Non-Residential Summer Schools, you must usually live in London, or be able to commute to UCL each day. We can help with travel costs to cover your travel to campus. Any field/museum trips during the Non-Residential Summer School will also be covered.
  • To apply for our programmes, you must meet certain eligibility criteria
  • Part of the application form will require you to enter some information about your parent or guardian. Please make sure they are around when you are completing the form to give you this information. 

A teacher will be required to give an academic reference for your application. Please make sure you select a teacher who knows you, and your academic record. You must enter their email address correctly, or they will not be able to complete the reference form. Applications without a teacher reference will not be considered.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for these summer schools?
No! Non-Residential Summer Schools are completely free. This includes your lunch, snacks, and any resources you need/travel you may need to do as part of the course during the week.

Do I have to stay overnight at the non-residential summer school?
No accommodation is available as part of the Non-Residential Summer Schools. 

Can my friend/family member take part too?
Only applicants who applied through our system and have been notified that they have a place on the Summer School can attend.

I'm not from London, can I take part?
Applicants must usually be from London, or areas that are easily commutable (e.g. Kent, Essex, etc.). Some applicants also stay with relatives/friends in London for the duration of the Non-Residential Summer School. We are unable to offer any accommodation as part of the Non-Residential Summer Schools and cannot contribute any accommodation costs for families/participants. However, we can help with travel costs for participants.

When will I hear if I have a place?
We aim to notify students of their outcome in early May but this varies for each subject. If any subject application deadlines are extended we will email existing applicants to let them know any new deadline dates. We usually shortlist around 7000 applications for our various activities, so it can take a long time. Please be patient, and rest assured that you will be notified whatever your outcome. Please do not email to ask about the status of your application, as this slows down shortlisting significantly.

My question hasn't been answered here. What do I do?
Email wp.taster@ucl.ac.uk with your query, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.