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Year 12* Sutton Trust Summer School Online

Every year we run a series of Summer Schools in partnership with the Sutton Trust. We have a wide range of subjects to choose from, designed to give you a taste of studying at University.

Applications have now closed for our Sutton Trust Summer Schools.

To find out when applications will open for the 2022 Summer School, register your interest.

General Information:

UCL Sutton Trust Summer Schools will be delivered online in July 2021. We'll use the Sutton Trust Online Platform to deliver an exciting mix of pre-recorded lectures (for you to study in your own time during the week), live sessions, and social activities. 

We've also arranged for Baasit Siddiqui (Googlebox star and founder of Siddiqui Education) to be our first ever guest speaker on the UCL Sutton Trust Summer School! His mission is to help inspire students to achieve their very best and we can't wait for you to attend his talk.

On the Summer School you'll have the chance to gain vital skills such as time management, organisation, and teamwork. You'll also meet students from across the country and receive help and guidance on admissions and your UCAS personal statement. Throughout the week our friendly Student Leaders (current UCL students) will be on hand to answer any questions about your work, living in London, studying at UCL, or university life in general. 

All our subjects will run from Monday 26 July - Friday 30 July 2021. The following Summer Schools will run in partnership with the Sutton Trust.  Please click on each subject to find out more:


English, Languages and CulturesLaws, Maths and Computer SciencePsychology with Education.

To apply for Architecture, Astrophysics, Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Fine Art, Geography, Health and Wellbeing Data Science, History, Natural Sciences, and Philosophy, check out the UCL Summer Schools Online webpage for more information!

*S5 in Scotland or Year 13 in Northern Ireland

Application Information:

  • To attend our programmes, you must meet certain eligibility criteria.
  • Applications are not selected on a first-come-first-served basis, so this will not affect any application outcomes.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay for these summer schools?
No! Our Summer Schools are completely free to attend. 

Is there a chance you will run the Summer Schools in person?
We are not running our Summer Schools in person in 2021. All our Summer Schools for 2021 will be online which gives you the chance to experience organising your time between study and other life skills, just like being at university.

Can my friend/family member take part too?
Only applicants who applied through our system and have been notified that they have a place on the Summer School can attend and take part in the Summer School.

When will I hear if I have a place?
This varies for each subject. If the application deadline gets extended for any reason, we will email existing applicants to let them know the new deadline date. We aim to have students notified of their outcome in early May. We usually shortlist around 7000 applications for our various activities, so it can take some time. Please be patient, and rest assured that you will be notified whatever your outcome. Please do not email to ask about the status of your application, as this significantly slows down the shortlisting process.

What are the differences between Sutton Trust Summer Schools and UCL Summer Schools?

There are very few differences between the summer schools as both are hosted by UCL and take place at the same time. The main difference is that students on the UCL Summer Schools will be participating in a research project, and will therefore be selected in a different way to students on the Sutton Trust Summer Schools. You can find more information on the research project on the UCL Summer Schools webpage. The Sutton Trust Summer Schools are partially funded by the Sutton Trust, and by completing a Sutton Trust Summer School, you will be eligible to join the Sutton Trust Alumni community. However, all the Summer Schools will be delivered online using the Sutton Trust Platform and will feature the same guidance and social sessions throughout the week. Across all subjects, you will get the chance to meet current students and academics, and learn more about life at UCL. The most important thing is choosing the right subject for you! 

Can I attend both a Sutton Trust Summer School and a UCL Summer School?
You can only attend one of our Summer Schools, as all subjects run during the same week.

My question hasn't been answered here. What do I do?
Email wp.taster@ucl.ac.uk with your query, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.