Access and Widening Participation


UCL Economics Challenge

The 2019 UCL Economics Challenge is an exciting competition to inspire students in year 10 and year 11 to explore what it would be like to study economics at university. 

This challenge asks students to produce a 3-minute video, podcast or narrated presentation focusing on their local surroundings and an assigned theme related to economics. This helps students understand how economics is everywhere around us, and that the study of economics is simply the study of our surroundings, communities and contexts. 

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the UCL annual undergraduate research conference to meet current UCL economics students, see examples of first year work and hear a mix of talks on current topical issues. 

The UCL Economics Challenge is based on an annual competition organised for first year economics undergraduates, UCL's First Year Challenge. Winning videos from undergraduates in 2017-18 are available on YouTube


Plus a free copy of the book 'The Economy' per group, the book used by first year undergraduate students at UCL and a £5 book voucher for each participant! 

Further information

  • Teachers must submit an initial application on behalf of a group of five students interested in economics in Year 10 and Year 11. 
  • If you are in Year 10 or Year 11 and would like to put a group together all you need to do is ask your teacher to apply on your group's behalf. 
  • The presentation, video clip or podcast must be completed within a 2-week period, in February 2019, in your local area. 
  • Pupils and supporting teachers are required to attend an initial training session on Monday 11 February 2019, and then a celebration event on Monday 4 March 2019. These will both take place at UCL. 
  • UCL will provide full support and guidance during training, and detailed instructions will also be provided. 


Applications are now closed. 

Please note that all students must meet our general widening participation eligibility criteria.