Access and Widening Participation


Child protection and safeguarding

The safety and wellbeing of all children and young people attending UCL Widening Participation activities is the responsibility of all UCL staff and students. Everyone working on these activities must follow our child protection and safeguarding policy.

Our child protection documents

UCL Widening Participation Child Protection Concern or Incident Reporting Form 

UCL Widening Participation Code of Conduct for UCL PhD presenters

Online activities

In light of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, the UCL Access and Widening Participation Office made the decision to cancel all face-to-face activity until the end of September 2020. In June 2020 we created an addendum to our exisiting Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy to reflect that over the coming months our activities will take place online. We have also created a new staff code of conduct for our online activities.   


Reporting a child protection concern

If you have a child protection concern in relation to a UCL Widening Participation activity you must report it. 

Please download the Concern or Incident Reporting Form and complete it in as much detail as you can. Then send the report to the appropriate safeguarding contacts listed at the bottom of the form.

If you have a safeguarding concern about a young person, current applicant to UCL or a current student at UCL which is not related to a UCL Widening Participation activity, please refer to the UCL Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy.

UCL Widening Participation safeguarding contacts

Any child protection concerns about UCL Widening Participation activities must be reported to a Widening Participation Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO). If the concern could involve a potential allegation against a UCL staff member or a UCL student, it must be reported to a UCL HR safeguarding contact, with a Widening Participation DSO also copied in.

UCL Widening Participation Designated Safeguarding Officer contacts

Our Designated Safeguarding Officers are only contactable by email at this time. 

Lucie March - Head of Access and Widening Participation - l.march@ucl.ac.uk 

Caroline Fionda Dedman - Access Manager (Teacher and Academic Liaison) - c.fionda@ucl.ac.uk  

Jennifer Whitney - Access Manager (Pre 16) - j.whitney@ucl.ac.uk 

UCL HR Safeguarding contacts

Please refer to the UCL Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy.