Why We Post




The multi-faceted selfie

Candace finished high school last year and now she's working as an intern in one of the financial services offices in the centre of town. She is still close to the friends she grew up with. Her Facebook profile shows several selfies taken in groups while on weekends away or trips to the beach, and photos of experiments with hair and make-up.  

Candace also needs to show that she is now a working professional. When she started the new job, she posted full-length selfies of her reflection in the mirror, showing her different work outfits, with captions such as 'Ready for work today!!' Such posts show to her new friends and colleagues that she is enthusiastic about the job and, more importantly, included in their group. But it is important in Trinidad not to appear one-dimensional. So, to counter these more professional-looking posts, Candace still posts selfies with her friends when they are going out for the evening. These may show the group full-length in the mirror or taken from a high angle, but in both cases such selfies are intended to show the full outfit and multiple people. In Trinidad a sense of style cannot be encompassed by one look or image, but rather it is necessary to share a range of selfies that reveal how one can fit within multiple roles.