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This website is currently under development and will be fully launched soon.

Why We Post is a global research project into the uses and consequences of social media. The project involved nine anthropologists, each of whom spent 15 months in communities around the world. On this site you will be able to explore 15 discoveries to emerge from the research and watch over a hundred films, mostly made in our fieldsites. Our discoveries address key topics such as the impact of social media on education, politics, gender, commerce, privacy and equality.

For now, here is a selection of the kinds of films you will be able to see. All our films are subtitled in the following languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, Hindi, and Simplified Chinese. Click on the subtitles menu within the YouTube player to select your language.

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UCL Press are publishing a series of 11 books to emerge from the research. The first three are due to be released on 29th February 2016. Sign up for information on the Why We Post series.

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