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The fieldsite we call 'Panchagrami’ is located near the metropolis of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. Originally a group of five villages, it is now the site of a major IT park established under a government initiative. On any working day this area is not only home to approximately 30,000 residents, but also to over 200,000 IT workers who commute to work here. As a result this area has undergone major transformations both in infrastructure and population, and is in the midst of changing its identity from an agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based one. Panchagrami provides a particularly complex and multilayered environment for the reception of new social media.


Social Networking

YouTube: Edutainment

Facebook - The News Medium

WhatsApp - My Yellow Pages

Multiple uses of WhatsApp

Family and social media

South India: Polymedia

Emails in later life

social media for a rural student

Facebook - A Teenager's Perspective

Facebook by the fields

Brandbuilding on Facebook

Women bonding on social media

Meet the People of Panchagrami

Impact of Social Media on Politics

Street Play on social media

Shriram Venkatraman

Our researcher in India

Shriram Venkatraman is a PhD candidate at the Department of Anthropology, University College London. He is also a trained professional statistician and prior to his doctoral studies at UCL, held leadership positions at Walmart, USA. His research interests include technologies in work places, organisational culture, and entrepreneurship.

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