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South England

The fieldsite we call 'The Glades' comprises two linked villages with populations of 11,000 and 6,500. They are within one hour by train from central London and have good motorway links. Unusually for modern England the population is homogeneously white, with hardly any ethnic minorities. It is largely middle-class within a relatively affluent area with low unemployment. We also worked with four secondary schools and a hospice for the terminally ill. One central theme to the research explores what happens when social media acts as a bridge between the public and private domains, confronting English social tendencies to keep the private and public separate.


School blogs - Transforming parent–school relationships

Twitter beef - teenage arguments on social media

Social Media on a Canal Boat

Social media and community radio

How we did the ethnography

How Facebook saved my life

Photos - selfies, groupies and uglies

Women, Wine and WhatsApp

UK Fieldsite Introduction

South England: Meet the People

Cancer, Facebook, and the selfie

Daniel Miller

Our researcher in England

Daniel Miller is Professor of Anthropology at UCL and author/editor of 37 books including 'Tales from Facebook', 'Digital Anthropology' (ed. with H. Horst), 'The Internet: an Ethnographic Approach' (with D. Slater), 'Webcam' (with J. Sinanan), 'The Comfort of Things', 'A Theory of Shopping', and 'Stuff'.

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