Why we post


Each social media platform only makes sense in relation to alternative platforms and the media.

Most people now use a range of platforms to organise their relationships or genres of posting. We are also now judged as to which media or platform we decide to use, making this a social and moral issue. We call this ‘polymedia’.


Some people now use a very wide range of social media platforms to organise relationships, work, and everything else in their lives.

Industrial China

Here, as everywhere, people use different platforms appropriate to the content they post and the audiences they want to target.


Carved Flesh


It is not just that people use a variety of platforms to organise their relationships into different groups, here we see how an individual can use platforms to organise their own sense of themselves.


People don’t seem to pay much attention to platforms here. They might one day post on Facebook and the next on Instagram.


Polymedia within a single conversation


Having the choice between Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp helps people navigate complex personal and transnational relationships. 


Configuring platforms


In both our Turkey and India fieldsites, where there is only limited use of Twitter, the key distinction is between the public timeline on Facebook and the more private world of WhatsApp and Facebook messaging.


As can be seen in this infographic, different platforms represent layers of trust and inclusion for the school children in our fieldsite.