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Whitehall II 

(also known as the Stress and Health Study)

Study update: Phase 13 complete

We would like to thank all the participants of the Stress and Health (Whitehall II) Study for continuing to support the study by providing valuable data. The thirteenth phase of the study, which started in January 2019, was completed in January 2023. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, data collection took longer than usual and we are grateful to our participants for their continued involvement in the study. Of the 6102 participants contacted at this phase, 2194 were seen in our London clinic and 1759 were seen at home. In addition, 354 returned the health questionnaire. With 4307 people responding, the response rate was very high given the pandemic circumstances, 70.6%. 

The delay in the completion of phase 13 has had a knock-on effect to our plans for the next wave (phase 14). At the moment (April 2023) we are having to seek renewed funding for the next wave. We will keep you updated on our progress and plans for phase 14 on this website and we will write to you once funding is in place and we are able to send out invitations to participate.

With continued follow-up, the potential of the Stress and Health (Whitehall II) Study is increasingly a fantastic resource to study ageing. To maximise this potential, the study team will be moving to UCL Brain Sciences, maintaining close collaboration with Department of Epidemiology. Our new research model integrates observational (the Stress and Health study), interventional and clinical approaches (other studies in the department) to address common research areas, such as physical and cognitive functioning, old-age mental health, age-related physical diseases and multimorbidity. By using the Stress and Health Study to inform clinical interventions and trials, we aim to increase the impact of our study and create a translational pathway from high-quality observational findings to developing interventions and treatments.

If you have any questions, please contact us on our Freephone number 0800 068 1562 or by email shstudy@ucl.ac.uk or by post at our address above.

By combining over 35 years of data on social inequalities and chronic disease with new clinical measures of cognitive function, mental disorders and physical functioning, the Whitehall II study has become a world-class, interdisciplinary study of ageing.

The study has been funded by major grants from the