New Synbion Website
A new website for the Synbion Network is here. Synbion is a network of synthetic biologists interested in engineering novel metabolic pathways and making nanoscale biological devices.

Synthetic biology MRes
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Ward Group


The Ward Lab’s core expertise is in microbial molecular biology, which we apply to a wide range of areas. With lab members’ backgrounds –in microbiology, biochemical engineering, geology, biocatalysis, plant biochemistry, biophysics and physics– and long-standing collaborations with biochemical engineers and chemists in particular, we can use molecular and synthetic biology in addressing a wide range of problems. Follow the links below or in the menu on the left to find out more.

Synthetic Biology

Using synthetic biology to construct metabolic pathways in bacterial hosts and to create novel nanoscale devices.


Discovery and engineering of novel biocatalysts for the production of chiral molecules, and improvement of biocatalytic processes.


Achieving plasmid retention without antibiotic selection and large scale production of high-grade supercoiled plasmid.


Investigation of survival of bacteria under Mars-like conditions, and definition of biosignatures which could be used to detect the presence of extraterrestrial life.