The UCL standalone logo


It is not always possible to use the UCL banner. Increasingly, a lot of the research and work done at UCL is in partnership with other organisations, leading to the logos of the partner organisations having equal prominence.

In ‘co-branding’ cases like this, the UCL standalone logo should be used. The main UCL standalone logo is black, although the white version should be used on a black background.

A version of the UCL standalone logo is available in some other colours. This is so it can be used sympathetically alongside the materials of partner organisations when they have a specific colour scheme. However, for general use the logo is black.

The UCL logo is a registered trademark. If you wish to apply for use of the UCL logo, please complete the form at the link below.

Standalone logo

Please remember that the standalone logo is for partnerships only - as standard the UCL banner should be used.