Internal sub brands


Occasionally, departments or centres at UCL wish to design their own visual identity, or look and feel, for use within the UCL branding.

The UCL visual identity is very versatile and can be used to create many different graphic styles in order to create a 'mini identity' or 'sub-brand'. The example above shows how the UCL Art Museum uses black and white images, with the dark red and stone colours to create a specific look and feel.

We actively discourage and do not endorse the development or use of any other logos except the UCL banner. It is the only official UCL logo, and as such is legally protected. Any other designs are not official or protected in any way, so can not be considered a logo, and should any other party use an unofficial logo, it would not be protected from fraudulent use. For obvious reasons, it is highly important for any university to avoid this potentially huge problem. As representatives of UCL, it is very important we all use the official branding to protect and promote UCL's reputation.

The UCL brand is internationally recognised by the academic community and the public alike, whereas a sub-logo may not be, so it is beneficial to use this already strong visual tool to your advantage.

Graphics can be used instead of photographs, but not in a way that would constitute them being a logo, and never in place of the UCL branding.

Any sub-branding should always employ the UCL banner, colour palette and fonts. For partnerships, the standalone logo should be used.

The strength of the UCL visual identity enables it to be tailored to faculties, departments, and projects without the need to create or use additional logos.

The default tagline 'LONDON'S GLOBAL UNIVERSITY' can be replaced with the name of the faculty, department or project title, and the banner and standalone logo colour can be any from the UCL palette.

For any queries, contact cam.brand@ucl.ac.uk