UCL's visual identity

graduation banner

UCL is a large and complex institution, which represents many things to many different people. Recent consultation with the groups we are trying to reach - including prospective students, research funders, partner organisations and business leaders - confirmed that there was sometimes confusion outside the organisation about the work we do here. Some of the groundbreaking research and teaching excellence taking place here was going unnoticed by the outside world or was not being connected with UCL.

As a result, we have a visual identity to show immediately that something has been produced by us. This helps us to gain greater recognition for the work we do and the impact that we have, both in the UK and globally.

On these pages, you will find everything you need to use the elements of the UCL visual identity, along with advice, artwork and templates to ensure that UCL’s visual profile remains high and that all areas of our work are consistently and well represented to the outside world.

There are three key ‘rules’ to the UCL visual identity

  • All UCL materials and websites should carry the UCL banner at the top.
  • UCL materials should use either Arial or Helvetica font, with Garamond as a secondary option.
  • Only colours in the UCL colour palette should be used.