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Screening and recruitment

Thank you to all the Safer Neighbourhood Teams who are taking part in the VIP Study.

Below is information on how the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) and the VIP Study researchers screen and recruit potential participants.

Screening and Recruitment Pathway


The SNTs, who routinely visit nearly all older victims shortly after the crime occurred, will add to their usual provision of information and support a brief screen to identify significant depressive and anxiety symptoms. Those with significant distress will be directed to local care services for further care options, and notified to the VIP Study researchers for re-screening. A written agreement/authorisation will be sought.

The VIP Study Researchers

The VIP Study researchers will re-screen the participants at 3 months ** for any continued symptoms and if the symptoms are found to be significant, a fuller assessment will be offered using psychological diagnostic questionnaires. Those diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety (due to the crime) will be given further information about the VIP trial, including potential benefits and hazards. Once the participant has agreed to take part in the trial, they will be randomly allocated to either one of the Treatment As Usual (TAU) or TAU with added CBT groups 

**For older victims visited by the SNTs less than a week after the crime, UCL Study Researchers will re-screen after two weeks. Those found to still be experiencing distress due to the crime will then be rescreened at 3 months as usual

Find printable VIP pack documents on the following link Useful Information, alternatively contact the VIP Trial Administrator UCL or VIP Police Administrators for pack requests. 


Newsletter updates will include; recruitment rates by borough, victim case studies and other additional information of use.


                                  Dr M Serfaty and Commander J Bennett 

VIP Team