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Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies (2016)

Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies

An edited anthology stemming out of the Cities Methodologies exhibition programme is published in 2016 on I.B. Tauris.

Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies, edited by Ben Campkin and Ger Duijzings, represents just a small selection of some of the many excellent contributions to Cities Methodologies over the years. Keen to represent something of the geographical, intellectual and methodological scope of the programme, the publication poses the question: how can we understand the variety and dynamism of contemporary cities and urban experience across the globe?

In this handbook of collaborative and experimental research practices, over forty urbanists - all contributors to the Cities Methodologies programme - provide succinct, frank and carefully illustrated commentaries on the trials and successes of risk-taking research. They reveal how they collaborate across fields of expertise, inventing or adapting methods to bespoke situations and common challenges. At once theorists, artists, designers, or activists, what binds them is a commitment to better, fairer, cities.

The book was published on 1 December 2016 and was launched in London at the Free Word Centre on 9 December 2016.

Endorsments and reviews:

"In the juggernaut knowledge industry, too little attention is paid to what knowledge really does. Engaged Urbanism provides a wide canvas of what actually does and could take place in urban spaces and provides creative methodological tools for supporting these actions, drawing out unanticipated, neglected and suppressed resources from even the most mundane, opaque or desperate places. In putting all our sensory capacities to work, it offers evidence of the efficacy of methodological invention and demonstrates the possibilities researchers, activists, service providers, and policymakers everywhere have available to deepen their understandings of urban life and to work creatively with what is available to them."

Professor AbdouMaliq Simone, author of City Life from Jakarta to Dakar.

"Engaged Urbanism demonstrates an array of creative and critical responses to the urban. It asks questions of authorship and expertise, asking who gets to write research agendas and challenging the academic text as a form of ‘situated knowledge’. It goes beyond criticism too in offering concrete methodological examples of alternative ways of approaching research and expanding the boundaries of urban knowledge."

LSE Review of Books, 3 April 2017.


Jennifer Robinson Cities methodologies matter: comparative urbanism and global urban theory
Matthew Gandy Methods, metaphors and the interdisciplinary terrain of urban research
Jane Rendell with Povilas Marozas, Adriana Keramida, Mrinal Rammohan Site-writing
Camillo Boano, Caroline Newton and Giorgio Talocci Towards an architecture of engagement: researching contested urbanism and informalities
Suzanne Hall and Juliet Davis 'Worlding' the studio: methodological experiments and the art of being social
David Roberts From 'heroin' to heroines
Felipe Lanuza Rilling Four palimpsests on the erasure of the Heygate Estate
Kate Crawford with Sarah Bell, Felicity Davies, Charlotte Johnson, Sunyoung Joo, Sharon Hayward and Richard Lee
Hacking London's demolition decisions: a new collaboration to scrutinise the technical justifications for retrofit, refurbishment and demolition
Rebecca Ross and Chi Nguyen Authoring the neighbourhood in Wikipedia
Henrietta Williams
The secret security guard: being a G4S employee during the London Olympic Games 2012
Max Colson Hide and seek: the dubious nature of plant life in high-security spaces
Andrew Harris The ups and downs of visualising contemporary Mumbai
Bernadette Devilat Creating systematic records through time: the destruction and reconstruction of heritage areas affected by earthquakes in Chile
Sabina Andron Paint. Buff. Shoot. Repeat: re-photographing graffiti in London
Alexandre Apsan Frediani and Laura Hirst Critical urban learning through participatory photography
Margareta Kern and Anthony Luvera Assisted self-portraits and GUESTures: excerpts from a discussion on photography and participation
Ben Campkin, Rebecca Ross, Mariana Mogilevich Picturing place: the agency of images in urban change
Wes Aelbrecht Seeing is believing: the social life of urban decay and rebirth
Sophia Psarra 'We thought we were making the car but it was the other way around': historical pathways and the ecology of the street network in industrial and post-industrial Detroit
Ger Duijzings and Rastko Novaković Lebensraum | living space
Andrew Stevenson Abdication and arrival: using an open-ended, collaborator-led ethnography to explore constructions of newly encountered cities
ThienVinh Nguyen Learning to walk: on curating a walking-methodologies programme
Joanna Rajkowska I hear sounds inside my head
Mădălina Diaconu Charting smellscapes
Leah Lovett Contra Band
Mohamad Hafeda The twin sisters are 'about to' swap houses: displacement and the bordering practice of matching
John Aiken City shapes and urban metaphor
Johan Thom (In)visible bodies: migrants in the city of gold
Kieren Reed Negotiating space: the artist working as a creator and enabler of spaces for working, thinkng and meeting
Mircea Nicolae 25 demolished houses
Henrietta Simson and Jo Volley The bridge of sighs
Hilary Powell Materials. Stories

Stamatis Zografos with Edwina Attlee, Eva Bachmann, Eleanor Dare, Robin Morrison,
Sotirios Varsamis, Eleni Zacharia

Buildings on fire: towards a new approach to urban memory

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