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Dr Andy Merrifield

Bartlett Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Andy Merrifield was a Bartlett Visiting Research Fellow at the UCL Urban Laboratory from January - April 2014, working on the project 'Neo-Haussmannization'.

Focusing on global capital – and its symbiotic integration of financial, corporate and state interests – Andy's research interrogated how it had plundered urban space by dispossession, transforming it from a lived realm into a pure financial commodity. The project was mentored by UCL Urban Laboratory Steering Committee members Michael Edwards (The Bartlett School of Planning) and Professor Murray Fraser (The Bartlett School of Architecture).

Andy is a writer, social theorist and urban geographer with a PhD in Geography from the University of Oxford. He has taught at assorted universities in the UK and USA. He is co-editor (with Erik Swyngedouw), of The Urbanization of Injustice (1995) and author of numerous books, including Metromarxism (2002), Dialectical Urbanism (2002), Guy Debord (2005), Henri Lefebvre: A Critical Introduction (2006), Magical Marxism (2011) (which was shortlisted for the 2012 Bread and Roses Prize), The Politics of the Encounter: Urban Theory and Protest under Planetary Urbanization (2013) and The New Urban Question (2014)

His essays and reviews have appeared in publications including AdbustersThe NationHarper’s MagazineNew Left ReviewHarvard Design Magazine, and The Times Magazine

During his time at UCL, Andy led a seminar series for postgraduate research students and advanced undergraduates on 'Urban theory and protest: from collective consumption to predatory dispossession'. 

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