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Programme Aims


Learning Outcomes


The course has six primary aims:

  • To engage at an advanced level with the most important and innovative ideas on cities and urbanisation
  • To develop an interdisciplinary and historically informed understanding of the urban field
  • To acquire a sensitivity towards social and spatial differences both at a global level, through the specific issues facing cities in the global South, and also at a local and regional level through an enhanced understanding of tensions and inequalities that shape the urban experience
  • To understand better the complex relationship between theory and practice and the cultural, political and social context for processes of urban change
  • To provide the advanced research and writing skills necessary for the undertaking of an independent research dissertation
  • To improve the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in academia, public and private research, and other commercial and professional fields where an advanced understanding of cities and urban change is required.

After completing the MSc students will have:

  • Developed their understanding of urban theory through a critical reading of a range of key thinkers and ideas
  • Engaged with a range of different interdisciplinary literatures and perspectives
  • Gained an understanding of the main urban developments shaping the contemporary world
  • Developed an advanced expertise in urban research practices including the design, methodology, ethics and management of a small-scale project
  • Acquired transferable skills in critical thinking, writing, data collection, computing, communication, project management and team-working
  • Completed a substantial and original research dissertation which will demonstrate independent critical and analytical skills.

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