Recent publications from members of the Urban Laboratory team.

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Matthew Beaumont

Beaumont, Matthew (2012) The Spectre of Utopia: Utopian andScience Fictions at the Fin de Sicle, Oxford: Peter Lang

Ralahine Studies in Utopia book series #12.


G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday, ed. Matthew Beaumont,(2011) Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics,,9780141191461,00.html?/The_Man_Who_Was_Thursday_G._K._Chesterton


Beaumont, Matthew (2010) with Gregory Dart, Restless Cities,London: Verso


Sarah Bell


Bell, Sarah (2011) Engineers, Society and Sustainability.Morgan and Claypool


Camillo Boano


Boano, Camillo (2011), TheMetropoliz Wall: the architectural dispositif as (re)calibrating agent


Boano, Camillo (with Marisol Garcia) (2011), Lost intranslation? The challenges of an equitable post-disaster reconstructionprocess: Lessons from Chile, EnvironmentalHazards, Volume 10, Number 3, pp. 293-309(17)


Boano, Camillo (with Melissa Garcia Lamarca & WilliamHunter)(2011) The Frontline of Contested Urbanism, Mega-projects andMega-resistances in Dharavi, Journal of Developing Societies, vol. 27 no. 3-4,pp. 295-326


Iain Borden


Borden, Iain (forthcoming 2012) Drive: Automobile Journeysthrough Cities, Architecture & Film, London: Reaktion Books


Borden, Iain (2011) The Limehouse Link: the Architecturaland Cultural History of a Monumental Road Tunnel in Londons Docklands, TheJournal of Architecture, v.16 n.5 (October 2011), pp. 589-613.


Borden Iain, (2001) Thinking About Architecture, inJonathan Bate (ed.), The Public Value of Humanities, London: BloomsburyAcademic, pp. 142-54.   


Claire Colomb


Colomb, Claire (2011), Staging the New Berlin, PlaceMarketing and the Politics of Urban Reinvention post-1989. London, New York:Routledge


Murray Fraser


Fraser, Murray (2007) 'Beyond Koolhaas', in Jane Rendell,Jonathan Hill, Murray Fraser and Mark Dorrian (eds.), Critical Architecture,London/New York: Routledge, pp. 332-338.


Fraser, Murray (with Joe Kerr) (2007), Architecture and the'Special Relationship': The American influence on post-war Britisharchitecture, London/New York: Routledge.


Fraser, Murray (2012), 'The global architectural influenceson London', Architectural Design: Special Issue on 'London (Re)Generation',London: Academy/Wiley, pp. 14-21.


Matthew Gandy


Gandy, Matthew (2008) Landscapes of disaster: water,poverty and urban fragmentation in Mumbai, Environment and Planning A, 40(1)pp. 108-30.


Gandy, Matthew (ed.) (2011) Urban constellations (Berlin:Jovis).



Nicholas Phelps


Phelps, Nicholas (with A.M. Wood and D.C. Valler) (2010) 'Apost-suburban world? An outline of a research agenda', Environment &Planning A 42 (2): 366-383


Phelps, Nicholas (with A.M. Wood) 'The New Post-Suburban Politics?',Urban Studies 48(12): 2591-2610 

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