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Second Annual Provost's Awards for Public Engagement

An urban food festival, a film competition abouthealth, an exhibition about disposal of museums' collections and workengaging with the Deaf community about research into deafness are amongthe activities carried out by UCL staff and students recognised in thesecond annual Provost's Awards for Public Engagement in 2010.

Four prizes, to be awarded by UCL Provost Malcolm Grant,showcase UCL's ever-broadening approach to working with citizensoutside the institution.

In addition to the individual prizes, UCL's Department of Scandinavian Studiesreceived a prize as the department that has shown the greatest changein culture, with respect to public engagement, in the last year.  Thedepartment has brought public engagement to the heart of its mission,building on its long tradition of engaging with communities.

Marina Chang, a former MSc student of Urban Studies from 2008 to 2009 and a PhD student in UCL's Development Planning Unit, has won the award in the student category, largely for this spring's Food Junctionsproject.  Food Junctions brought over 150 UCL students and staff from27 departments together to deliver a staggering 60 events to a localaudience in the Kings Cross area.

Activities ranged from skip gardening to discussing the consumption of pets.

Marinas award recognises her leadership of FoodJunctions, her management of the many partnerships that continue tobear fruit, and the way she has built upon the project to createfurther opportunities for interaction between UCL staff and studentsand local people outside the university.  Marina led a hard-working andenthusiastic team with drive and commitment to deliver an impressiverange of activities.

The Public Engagement Awards are organised by the UCL Public Engagement Unit, one of the six UK Beacons for Public Engagement. The Beacons act to encourage public work among universities and createa culture in which universities share their research, teaching andlearning with a wider public audience. The Beacons for PublicEngagement are funded by the UK Funding Councils, Research Councils UK,and the Wellcome Trust.

If you want to discuss the awards further, please contactHilary Jackson in the Public Engagement Unit on 32489 (if calling fromoutside UCL: 020 7679 2489) or publicengagement@ucl.ac.uk.

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