Dr Pushpa Arabindoo is a Lecturer in Geography and Urban Design. Her research focus is on the emerging aspects of urbanisation and development issues in South Asian cities amidst the concerns of neoliberalisation and globalisation. Her PhD examined the rise of the new middle class in the Indian city of Chennai and how they paraphrased the 'right to the city' argument through a bourgeois discourse of propriety and property. She is also currently working on the changing nature of the urban environmental discourse in India following recent natural disasters including the 2004 tsunami and the 2005 floods. She initially trained as an architect/urban designer, and has more than ten years of practical experience in the urban regeneration sector in the UK and USA.


Dr Andrew Harris is a Lecturer in Urban Studies. His research focuses on the contemporary reshaping of urban cultural landscapes and urban infrastructure. He provides critical perspectives in particular on the creative city, vertical urbanism, gentrification and urban branding.  Working between London and Mumbai, he uses comparative frameworks to fashion more diverse and cosmopolitan agendas of urban research and policy-making.

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