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The UCL Urban Laboratory, established in 2005, is a university wide initiative to bring together the best urban teaching and research at UCL. Our activities build on the full spectrum of work at UCL across the arts and sciences ranging from civil engineering to film studies, from urban history to the latest developments in architectural design.

The director, Ben Campkin, is supported by three co-directors. The Urban Laboratory's work is also supported by two lecturers, Pushpa Arabindoo and Andrew Harris, and Andrew is director of the innovative inter-faculty MSc Urban Studies. The work of the Urban Laboratory is also supported by a steering committee drawn from across four different faculties at UCL, and an international advisory committee.

Urban research at UCL draws on a rich heritage of ideas including the path breaking insights of figures such as Patrick Abercrombie, Peter Hall, Ruth Glass, Peter Cook and Reyner Banham. The engagement between UCL and wider public debates over the future design and planning of cities is a distinctive feature of our research.

The focus on cities at UCL has a strong international dimension building on extensive networks across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

At the UCL Urban Laboratory we wish to encourage thinking and research that is critical, independent and interdisciplinary. There are three key themes we are interested in promoting in the first wave of activities:

1. Social cohesion, urban infrastructure and the public realm.
2. Cosmopolitanism and new forms of urban citizenship.
3. Urban landscape and design in the post-industrial metropolis.

We also have opportunities for graduate study at both MSc and PhD level


MSc Urban Studies website

Urban masters programmes at UCL


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