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Looking Over the Horizon: Transport and Global Warming - Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in London

PhotoThe issues relating to climate change have risen dramatically to the top of the national political agenda, and the importance of transport in contributing to reduced levels of CO2 is clearly evident. The building of sustainable communities consistent with reducing climate change impacts and minimising carbon dioxide emissions poses serious difficulties for practitioners. This project aims to quantify the carbon efficiency of the current transport strategy (The Mayor's Transport Strategy and T2025) in London and contribute to the development of a strategy for a 60% reduction in transport emissions by 2025 and 2050. The study will feed directly into the review of the Mayor's Transport Strategy and Climate Change Action plan, and build on the strategy of T2025.

The project aims to develop the work carried out at the national UK and EU level on this topic, but with a specific London focus. The UK VIBAT project (Visioning and Backcasting for UK Transport Policy) was authored by Robin Hickman (Halcrow) and Professor David Banister (Oxford University) and commissioned by the Department for Transport in 2004/06.

The objectives of this project are to develop the backcasting approach to transport planning in London from now until 2025 and 2050. Key study stages include:

  1. Context and baseline (BAU)
  2. Alternative image of the future
  3. Policy packaging, including innovative participation
  4. Appraisal of policy packages
  5. Conclusions and recommendations

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