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Prof Paul Stephen Coates

Address: UEL Docklands Campus, E16 2RD

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Contact Number: 020 7607 7752



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23 : SSSP
Smart Solution for Spatial Planning

PhotoThe project aims to transfer knowledge to policy makers and professionals in local government and other entities. We will be taking existing geographical and social data (GIS and Social Infrastructure Modelling) in the Thames Gateway and demonstrate through pilot projects the way in which computational generation and analysis tools can help explore local urban and social trends and offer local solutions to the creation of sustainable communities.

To assess the type of data available and agree on its relevance to local urban design and sustainability criteria we are partnering with planning and allied departments of Local Authorities.

With our partners we intend to bring the development of spatial systems (buildings, roads open spaces and all other spatial elements in a development) into the main digital chain of survey and design. We propose to do this by linking the GIS and other data that is currently available in planning departments and other regional bodies to computer simulation models of urban structure and development. The output from our models will be spatial as well as organisational interpretations of our collected information, available as statistical as well as visual data to the LA, and potentially to residents as well as developers.

The project will show that by improving the speed and flexibility of the processes undertaken to design urban systems, the design cycle can be open to the maximum feedback from users, while scenarios can be experimented with rapidly.


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