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Mr Paul David Clarke

Address: 19 Normanton Road, CR2 7JU

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Mobile: 07789 916137

Email: paul-david.clarke@rca.ac.uk

Webpage: www.onlyforwardarchitecture.com

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Exploring New Measures of Urban Density

PhotoHow we measure urban density has a direct effect on how city districts are designed and how inclusive of community needs they can be. This project proposes new measures for urban density that allows architects, urban planners and developers as well as the community and users, to have a collaborative involvement in the process.

This project aims:

  • To initiate cross-disciplinary debate, in order to explore what policy measures could support the development of dense, animated environments and consider the need for more descriptive and holistic measures
  • To encourage knowledge transfer between the parties involved in the planning process and to consider how the current density metric could be improved/supported to create more sustainable and engaged communities
  • To inspect and consider the needs of the end-users to create elements that define, interpret and address those needs, whilst also improving the policy of planning today and safeguarding it for the future.

This project builds on earlier work described in: Metricity_Publication (pdf). The four leading architecture firms involved will help define the project thinking and ensure that the findings are delivered directly into their professional future work.


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