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9 : FEfUR
Fresh Eyes for Urban Regeneration

PhotoThe aim is to look at an emerging urban regeneration challenge (in this case the site of the former Royal Docks at Deptford in Lewisham, South London) but to ensure that those doing the looking are not from the academic disciplines that traditionally deal with urban regeneration. The aim is to see whether fresh perspectives emerge.

There will be a first stage day event where 9 academics are shown around the site and given some background. Thereafter they will be asked to discuss the types of recommendations their disciplines can make (based on things they know) or would make (based on the type of approach they take). These will be a representative from: cultural studies; philosophy; micro-economics; systems thinking; futures/scenarios work; environmental and community psychologists; anthropologists and political scientists. This process will then be repeated for a second traditional group - planners; economic geographers; architects; urban designers; urban sociologists; property developers (estates management); civil engineers and transport experts. There will then be an event for local community groups.

Finally, all of the groups will be brought together and their respective solutions will be discussed - the focus being upon how different groups and perspectives can contribute.


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