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Professor Stephen Gage

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5 : DeiDemonstration
Deployable External Insulation Demonstration installation

PhotoWindows designed in new buildings are getting fewer and smaller – why?

Buildings are being designed to lose less heat energy. Heat energy can go through windows 5-20 times faster than through well-insulated solid walls. At the moment the possibilities of using windows to flood spaces with light and provide warmth in cooler weather are being increasingly ignored.

This project will demonstrate a strategy to bring windows (and roof lights) back to buildings. A demonstration installation will be constructed which will take the form of a small conservatory-type building to show the possibilities of deployable external insulation over a glazed screen.

Deployable External Insulation (DEI) allows the possibility of constructing better, brighter buildings. DEI could be retro-fitted to existing buildings so that systems building owners could retain existing window opening sizes. This especially applies to the front elevation of many old buildings that were constructed to give effective day lighting to main rooms. The use of natural daylight and sunlight for lighting and heating will reduce energy loads and CO2 generation.

The demonstration building will be sited in the UCL main Quadrangle and form The Bartlett contribution to the London Festival of Architecture in June 2008. It will also be shown at the Bartlett Architecture School End of Year Exhibition.


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