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Mr John Malcolm Kelsey

Address: UCL, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB

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Contact Number: 020 7679 4594


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Closing the gap between Vision and Implementing Sustainable Communities

PhotoThe CLOVIS project is based on two live regeneration programmes in Southwark and Bath. One seeks to establish a sustainable community through the redevelopment of the Aylesbury Estate, the other through the redevelopment of an area of the waterfront in a partly brownfield area of the city. Both projects are in the masterplanning stages.

Their key issue arises in the experience of stakeholder management challenges in both creating and gaining acceptance for a new vision for their respective areas.

Both programmes are currently meeting those challenges in different ways and learning valuable lessons in the process. The project seeks to facilitate the identification, articulation and exchange of such lessons, both with the two local authorities and an academic community with expertise in programme management and urban regeneration. This is to be done through workshops backed up by prior case study investigations.

The initial workshop will be the primary exchange forum and subsequent workshops will reflect on both further lessons learned and any changes in practice.

The expected outcomes will be better practice and possibly challenges to received wisdom in both authorities, together with the sharing of their lessons with the regeneration, sustainability and programme management communities.


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