Evaluation, Conflict of Interests and Terms of Reference


The programme is independently evaluated. Mike Jenks and Carol Dair (Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development), both have extensive knowledge in the sustainability field, has been appointed to evaluate sustainability aspects of UrbanBuzz. They are continuously evaluating the programme over its two-year time frame, thus a continuous evaluative approach to individual projects is adopted.

Conflict of Interest

In participating in the Programme Board, Board members undertake to provide to the Programme Office any details in connection with their involvement, directly or indirectly, in any proposal for a project or other funding under the UrbanBuzz programme or in any endeavour competing with the aims and objectives of the UrbanBuzz programme.

Programme Board members agree that they will notify the Programme Office immediately if they discover any conflict of interest of this nature.

Terms of Reference

Role and Description

Terms of Reference

Programme Board

Chairman (PBC)
Senior Industrialist

Chair Programme Board (PB)

Support the formulation of a draft PB Constitution

Assist in identifying suitable PB members

Facilitate introductions to key political and industrial actors

Provide casting vote at PB meetings where a simple majority is required

Provide directions to the Programme Office via the Programme Director, as may be required

Facilitate high-level and strategic overview of the programme's project portfolio, performance and future directions

Commission reports on any aspect of the BSC programme in order to reveal facts and to form the basis for future directions

Develop links with other initiatives (e.g. DTI / KTN / IMCRC)

Programme Board (PB)

Public/private sector Directors, Senior academics from UCL and UEL, HEFCE representative, Independent Evaluator and PD

Meetings to be convened pre-start (2No.) and thereafter at agreed intervals but not less frequent that quarterly.

Review Programme Evaluation Panel (PEP) funding recommendations

Approve projects where recommended for funding and whose budgets are in excess of £200k or other thresholds as agreed with chair

Facilitate introductions to key political and industrial actors

Review knowledge exchange and dissemination activities

Advise on corrective measures where exception reporting highlights difficulties

Review (accept/reject) reports submitted from the Programme Director/Office and any other as may be commissioned from time to time and provide directions arising from review of the same

PB members will declare any conflicts of or vested interests in any project proposal which, in the light of any such declaration, shall not be penalised by virtue of such association

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