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January 2011 Latest News….


‘The Complete UrbanBuzz’ Chinese language version was launched in July 2010 to coincide with Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The book has been on display and distributed at both the UK’s award-winning pavilion and the Zedfactory pavilion in the ‘Urban Best Practice Area’. Moreover, the book has been distributed at a number of regeneration conferences and one Province even requested multiple copies to be sent to all there Tier 2 city Urban Planning Bureau and Class A Design Institutes!


Whilst led by UCL, the book is of course another type of ‘shop window’ for UK expertise in its many technical areas and it has been extremely well received across China from Beijing, through Shanghai, Changsha, Chongqing to Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It usefully forms the basis for discussions how we can support China’s ambitious urbanisation programme by applying our critical thinking and thought leadership to real projects and training programmes which support both Chinese officials and UK professionals involved in these processes.


If you would like to know more about how UCL aims to bring its unique expertise to help China in this way please contact: David Cobb, Bartlett Director of Business Development at d.cobb@ucl.ac.uk


March 2010 News.....


'The Complete UrbanBuzz' – Awarded HCAA ‘Placemaking Recognition Scheme’ status - to be relaunched in UK – and in China!


One of the challenges for this unique programme was how to capture its outputs and outcomes using a variety of mechanisms and we are thus delighted to announce that the final publication 'The Complete UrbanBuzz' has received the ‘stamp of approval’ award from the Homes and Communities Agency Academy’s ‘Placemaking Recognition Scheme’. Only those products and services which contribute to building the skills capacity and best practice are awarded this designation.

这项独特的研究面对一个挑战,那就是如何采用多种机制去获取该项目的研究成果,因此我们很高兴地宣布:该成果的最终出版 “完全的城市活力”荣获了家居与社区机构研究院所 关于“场所营造计划的行业认可”。该认定只颁布给那些为技术能力以及最佳实践的建设做出杰出贡献的成果和服务。


The publication targets all those stakeholders interested and actively involved in shaping the places we live in and showcases the new tools and processes, grounded in the evidence base, that have been developed by UrbanBuzz's 27 funded projects. The Complete UrbanBuzz will help your organisation work more effectively and enable the rapid understanding of barriers to current regeneration and development. UrbanBuzz attempts to lower these through its portfolio of new tools. The publication signposts its readers right to the heart of projects where advice can be sought and free downloads of new methods can be accessed.


The Chinese Language version was launched at the Shanghai Expo 2010. We very much hope that UK organisations working in China will also be able to absorb the lessons learned from the UrbanBuzz programme and apply them to the challenges that China presents!


Read English language extracts from 'The Complete UrbanBuzz' here.


The English language version of the publication is on general sale and has been relaunched on 1st May, to coincide with Expo 2010, at a substantially lower price. It is now available at a number of professional bookshops and can be obtained by clicking any of the following links:


1. www.bcbookshop.co.uk/urbanbuzz

2. www.constructionbooksdirect.com

3. www.ribabookshops.com

4. www.rudi.net

An invitation to our Chinese readers:

If you would like receive a free copy of the Chinese language version of ‘The Complete UrbanBuzz’ please kindly supply the following information in an email in ENGLISH and CHINESE and email this information to d.cobb@ucl.ac.uk




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UrbanBuzz Publication

THE PUBLICATION IS NOW ON GENERAL SALE AND CAN BE OBTAINED BY CLICKING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING LINKS: www.bcbookshop.co.uk/urbanbuzz ; www.constructionbooksdirect.com ; www.ribabookshops.com ; www.rudi.net

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UrbanBuzz Autumn Update

This is our latest publication reflecting the progress of UrbanBuzz projects as of Autumn 2009 - download it!here.

Please note that the contact information on this publication is now out of date. Please see the "Contact Us" page on this website for up to date information in this regard.You can still download our earlier publication, The Essential UrbanBuzz 2008 Pocketguide, giving you a quick introduction to all the projects here.

The reality of creating successful communities

The major UrbanBuzz conference held on the 2nd December 2008, 'The reality of creating successful communities', represented the culmination of the funded period of the programme. Download the presentations below:

Alan Penn; Allan Brimicombe; Bob Kerslake; Bob Lowe; Gemma Moore; Julian Hart; Peter Bishop; Robin Hickman; & Roger Madelin.

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