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State of the Legacy: a decade of Olympic 'regeneration'

Reviewing a decade of writing on the promises of London 2012.

State of the Legacy Review

12 December 2022

Throughout the summer of 2022, a decade since the London 2012 Olympic Games, UCL Urban Laboratory collaborated with UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, the University of Cardiff, Oxford Brookes University, and the University of East London to undertake an interrogation of the Legacy of the Games for the people and environment of East London.

State of the Legacy Review

To coincide with ten years since the London 2012 Games, the multi-university team have produced the State of the Legacy Review, an examination of the wide range of literature produced about a Games that always promised to have legacy at its heart. More has been written about the London 2012 Games than any before or since. Spanning areas including housing, governance, employment and parkland, we take a look at what the trends and overall messages of this body of work are, what this tells us about the legacy of mega-events for those living amongst them, and how the promise of legacy held up in reality.

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State of the Legacy Conference

On September 12-13th, UCL Urban Laboratory hosted a community breakfast and 2-day conference interrogating a decade of ‘Olympic Regeneration’ in East London, marking a decade since the London 2012 Games.

This event, in collaboration with UCL IGP, Cardiff University, Oxford Brookes University and the University of East London, was free and open to the public, and based at Timber Lodge and UCL at Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.