UCL Urban Laboratory


Beyond Inhabitation: A Collective Study Lab

9 May 2022

Urban Laboratory co-director Camillo Boano is the associate for a new collective study lab, based in Turin, Italy.

Image by Beyond Inhabitation

The Beyond Inhabitation Lab provides an infrastructure to facilitate a process of collective study around the shifting terrain and politics of inhabitation globally, by looking at how inhabitation is re-worked from the ground across geographies in everyday life endurances that can morph, often silently, into struggles against contemporary and historical forms of dispossession.

This new initiative is led by Prof. Michele Lancione and Prof. AbdouMaliq Simone, with Prof. Camillo Boano serving as Associate. Their aims and approach compliment the work we do at the Urban Laboratory through the research priority area of "housing urbanism", where we investigate what housing means today as an urbanism of inhabitation within different latitudes and epistemic frameworks. We look forward to sharing how the Beyond Inhabitation lab and its network of researchers are enriching the platforms and opportunities of the Urban Lab.

To learn more, please head over to their website https://beyondinhabitation.org, subscribe to their newsletter and follow their work on Twitter. To get in touch please contact info@beyondinhabitation.org or contact Prof. Camillo Boano