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Ellie Cosgrave awarded Performing Place project funding

30 January 2020

Four artist-performer projects have been funded to create performance works based on UCL EPSRC funded research. These projects are being created with Camden communities and will be shared at the Bloomsbury Theatre in May.

Laura Wilson, 2020 (Study for You Move Me with Ellie Cosgrave)

The programme is part of Performance Lab, UCL Culture's experimental programme that brings research to life on stage through art, theatre, dance, music, comedy and everything in-between.

Performing Place is an initiative bringing together learning from the first year of Performance Lab (which included an event by UCL Urban Laboratory), and the Trellis programme of community engagement which has been taking place in east London in 2018-2020.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Build relationships between UCL researchers, the people of Camden and external artists 
  • Create opportunities for knowledge exchange between artists, academics and the people of Camden
  • Build the skills and experience of artists, researchers and relevant stakeholder communities by working together

UCL Urban Laboratory Co-Director Dr Ellie Cosgrave has been awarded funds for a cross-discipline collaboration building on her existing urban research on the interrelationship between gender and urban infrastructure; alongside artist Laura Wilson’s research around civic histories and labour, how information is passed on from one person to another through movement and recent performances investigating how the body learns, adapts, responds and performs. Cosgrave and Wilson will work together with Camden residents to explore their personal relationship with mobility in the city and how this also relates to their personal histories.

The project will be presented as part of the 2020 Performance Lab in May.

You can find out about the other projects funded as part of Performing Place on the UCL Culture website.

Image: Laura Wilson, 2020 (Study for 'You Move Me' with Ellie Cosgrave)